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Portfolio of DALYA STERN, our dedicated financial vehicle, focuses on investment activity in all real estate sectors: commercial, residendial, recreational and industrial.

We constantly look for the unusual properties, those which hold a large and hidden investment potential. Such properties, being under our management, gain a satisfactory and quantifiable value to the invested capital.

We are also active in the real estate development industry, believing that we can have our substantial input in making our world
a better and prettier place to live in.

Our most recent development project is focused on building a stylish multi-family housing complex “Wille Ustronie”:


CRESTRADE Sp. z o.o. specilises in providing external financing, that is, shor and mid-term loans to the individual and institutional Clients.

Through the individual approach we can offer very competitive financing terms, remaining an exceptionally flexible and trustworthy Business Partner.

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